Current COVID rules at ABC

Dear members,

here’s where we will collect all the information related to how we can play badminton at ABC during this pandemic. The following quick links will take you to the relevant sections on this page:

We’ll keep updating this post with information, so check back anytime you think something has changed!

Information last updated on June 2nd, 2021

State of play for members

As of Monday June 7th, 2021, we are able to play doubles again. Players can form groups of 10, within which they can switch partners to play as they like. There will be no switching between groups of 10 people, unless you are considered immune (either fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID within the last 6 months – see below)

Since we have to enforce appropriate distances between groups, our halls operate at reduced capacity. This is why we have chosen to organise two consecutive shifts on most nights. Players will completely change from one shift to the next, with no player or groups of players being allowed to play two shifts on one night.

Members wishing to play will have to put their name down for one of the slots in our registration sheet. We will strive to allow every member to choose their preferred time & date.

Joining ABC & applying for test sessions

We have decided to open test-sessions for those who are thinking of joining ABC! Simply send an email to telling us about yourself and how much badminton experience you have and we will get back to you with a suggestion for a date.

If you really want to quickly get all the relevant info and be told about open slots for test sessions, include your mobile phone number in the email, so we can contact you via instant messenger (in this case: Signal )

Send an email to to start this process!

Please note that we are giving women players priority access for test sessions!

The following conditions currently apply:

  • only one test-session possible before becoming a member. Afterwards both sides must decide if we have a “match”.
  • Play within a fixed group of 10 players on any one evening (singles and/ or doubles as you like and court capacity permits).
  • The usual hygiene rules must be respected  (wear a mask on your way into and out of the hall, keep a safe distance from other groups, no high-fives etc.)

Test sessions are subject to availability; this means that if current members take up all the spots in a given week, no test session can take place that week, sorry.

You can find out more about our membership fees etc on this page

If you are considered immune

If you have been fully vaccinated with your last shot more than 2 weeks ago or have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 6 months (i.e. considered „immune“), you are not subject to the above restrictions anymore. You might think of it as being „invisible“ for the purposes of those contact restrictions.

Here is the full information (in german only)

We will still ask you to comply with the usual hygiene and safety precautions (mask-wearing, distancing etc) and will still require you to register per GoogleSheet for any evening you wish to play.

Perspectives for the near future

If infection numbers stay low in Frankfurt and are continually below the 100 infections / 100K population 7-day-average, this regime of doubles in fixed groups should be able to continue.

The Hessian Landessportbund (LSBH) has created a one-page PDF illustrating the types of sports that can be conducted under different conditions: check it out here in conjunction with the info on .