English information


Welcome to ABC Frankfurt Badminton Club. We are the international badminton club in Frankfurt, Germany, with over 70 members from 14 countries and over 50% of our members coming from foreign countries.


This is a quick guide to our club in English. While we’re not able to provide you with a complete translation of all of the relevant information about joining our club or when and where we play, here’s a few pointers that should enable you to get most of the info you need.

If you’re new to Frankfurt and are looking for a club to play at, we’d be happy to have you visit one or two of our training sessions before committing to a membership (on a monthly basis, or by quarter). You’ll need to send us an email before you turn up for a test session: joinABC@abc-frankfurt.de

If you’re wondering where we play, this page contains a map with pins at each of our locations (school gym halls). For more details on when and where exactly you can join a training session, check out this page or see our calendar.

Please also check out our membership details (page and PDF form are in German and English), which should answer most of your questions!