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Work it out – take care of your back, ABC!

This is a bit of a perennial favourite: as we slouch into our sedentary lifestyle, get older and miss out on our usual workouts (think Covid-induced lockdowns), it’s our backs that take a beating.

Word of warning: If you’re currently experiencing moderate or intense back pain, you should go see your doctor or an orthopaedic specialist who will have to try to find out what the root cause is. They may well point you to a physiotherapist or recommend exercises, but starting with „live“ back pain and simply hoping that random exercises will solve them, is probably not a winning combination.

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Work it out – let’s get (back) in shape, ABC!

Spring is upon us and it’s not inconceivable that the restrictions placed upon playing badminton will be lifted in the next months. Which means this is the perfect time for us to get in shape and make sure we can hit the court running :-)

Oh and by strengthening your muscles and getting your sweat on progressively, you’ll have a much better chance of not hurting yourself once you do get back in the game!

This is a list of general fitness workouts, with no particular focus on badminton. Look forward to another instalment with more specific badminton-related exercises in the next weeks. The first three videos require no equipment, except for your sports shoes. Below that, you’ll find another workout that requires a kettlebell or other weight.

The workouts all include warmups – which I find really helpful – and cool-downs afterward. Make sure you don’t skip these! And if you have other suggestions or questions, please leave a comment below or get in touch with me to publish a new blog post on our site (it’s really easy and quick!).

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