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Photos and Results Schleifchenturnier Summer 2019

Our annual doubles tournament „Schleifchenturnier“ took place on Saturday, June 29th! The occasion to also celebrate the 20th anniversary of the club as well as the 20th anniversary of Bernd in the club (yes, already!)

This year, a lot of players came despite of the heat wave that hit Frankfurt on that day and we reached the maximum capacity! Some players had to leave a little early but most of the participants didn’t want to stop, asking again and again for more games! 

As always, everyone was paired with another player in every round and Bernd’s fancy program made sure both sides were evenly matched! And, as always, the tournament ended with some nice surprises. 

As for prizes, the club decided to provide medals to the winners and donate the earnings of the tournament to an association. 

And our top 3 is as follows, congratulations to them and to all the participants!!!
1. Ronald
2. Zizi
3. Shekhar

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